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Weapons of Mass Destruction, BMW S1000RR : The original nutter and todays high tech missile

What of todays S1000RR, how has it matured and managed to keep its crown? 8 years is quite a long time in bike terms but it goes to show that all that research and development BMW put into the S1000RR back in 2008, has paid off. Today we have both bikes, one from 2010 and one from 2018.

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Cape Town Triumph

Its December and that usually means tinsel based misery mixed with beige food and forced fun events taking up your time.  Its normally cold and wet therefore very little fun to be had outside on four or two wheels.  All is not lost this year however as we are in the southern hemisphere, December is the heart of the summer holidays, temperatures are on the rise and we have discovered Wolf Moto, a modern motorcycle rental firm based in the heart of the Mother City.

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