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Tech Vs Human: From Follower to troller. Social media influencers need content control

People used to be competitive with their neighbour. During a walk past their house you would sneak a look through the window at the size of their television and study the furniture on the driveway.  "Two cars!!", you would exclaim, "must be doing well".  This little insight into other people's financial wealth and health was enough to sustain competition and provide goals for the then society. 

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Wrotham Steam and Classic Rally

Usually the addition of the word Steam to the title of a car rally is a bit of a put off  but nouveau classic owner and TV member Jules is far from worried. In fact these events are useful for him and others in many ways. Read below to find out more as he digs into the scene from his low slung lead replacement viewpoint.

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Tedious cliches are never far from the truth

Recently we found ourselves embarking on a rush hour morning mission along the A27 from Chichester to Eastbourne at 730am.  What followed was a pure horror show. What should have been a 1.30 min drive turned into a 2.15 drive and even that was at the behest of some inginutitive driving, could have been a lot worse.

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