Email Scammer transcript

This is the transcript of my scam chat when selling my car. My commentary is noted in BOLD and Italic. I have removed names and referred to them when necessary to provide context….. it starts like this :


When responding to this email please ensure that you do not reply to as this is a no-reply address and will not reach the seller. 

" Hi I am from Sheffield and I'm interested in your vehicle. I'm in Helsinki on a business trip for a week.I really like this car and would like to come to see it when I return in the UK this Monday
If it's still available please let me know.
Have a nice day! "


Me: Hello.

Thanks for the email.

The car is currently in Tunbridge Wells/East Grinstead. Would you be able to view there ? If not I could arrange for another location.

Let me know if you have any questions about the car in the meantime.

Many thanks


Scammer: Ok ,before that you can send me some pictures with the v5 document and the mot certificate to do more checks?Cheers [RED FLAG 1]


Me: Hi

Here is the v5:

I’ll send the MOT later.


Scammer: That's great, thank you,is it good for you if I come Tuesday in the morning to buy the car ?? also please send me the front page of v5,  I need the first page to do a few checks.Thanks
Sorry,now I've seen the email with the v5 picture!I'm definitely interested, I can come to buy on is good for you?for payment you prefer cash in hand or bank transfer? [STRANGE QUESTION]


Me: Hi

Either would be fine. 

Where can you get to on Tuesday? As I said, the car is currently in East Sussex but I could move it if you are serious. Why this car ?

For disclosures sake there is a scrape under he offside front bumper that I did when I put it away for winter storage, it’s not immediately noticeable. 



Scammer: Ok, thanks. I can come in East Sussex.what you say is not a major problem and does not prevent me from buying.I'm waiting for your email with the MOT certificate and some pictures of the car inside and outside thanks [poorly written, English not first language]


Me: Hi.

I will probably drive to work in London on a Tuesday so we can meet there.

Attached are some pics I’ve just taken.

Scammer: That's great, thank you. please give me my bank details and I'll send you 1000 pounds deposit for reservation I also need a copy/picture of your driving license or your passport,[REDFLAG2+poor writing] every time I make a bank transfer to someone my bank requires such a copy.  I look forward to your email and I will make the transfer immediately
Thank you, [he signs his name in full on this email which was odd]


Me: Hi

What is your phone number please ? I'll call you and go through our options.

Many thanks


Scammer: I really wanted a picture with your driving license to be sure you were a real person ... I was getting 600 miles for a car and nobody was there. [WHY? and wasn’t this for your bank and not you ?REDFLAG3]

Me: Totally understand. Likewise I am cautious of any potential fraud or criminal ! That’s why I asked to call you and why I asked why you want a car like this (you have not answered)?

 I have the asset which is why I’m cautious about providing any more information than necessary. I have not asked you for any information about yourself. 

Do you have a profile on Facebook or linked in so that I can verify who you are ? Or any other proof?

When I search for you I don’t see anything that looks like it could be you.

I’m a real person, that’s my car, you have seen the v5 in my name. I’m searchable on Facebook and linked in. And google in general. 

Not sure how someone would benefit from having you travel for 600 miles for no reason but appreciate your concerns

Let me know if you can provide proof and if you will be coming tomorrow

Hope this clarifies any confusion.


Let’s make sure we are comfortable before arranging a meet up. I am free all week and the coming weekend so there is no rush tomorrow.