Driving in the Country

A drive in the British countryside is often associated with a Sunday afternoon, sun out, picnic hamper strapped to the back of your British two seater as you parp along a B road to a little spot you know by a stream. Pop the cork and a lovely day was had by all.


The actual reality of country driving is a lot different, especially in the winter. Recently we have discovered that these once sumptuous ribbons of tarmac are in fact very slippery and contain a lot of road debris. We have gone through two tyres in the last 3 months, not from cool smokey burnouts but from slow punctures. Slow punctures are a game of roulette as how many of you out there change the tyre as soon as you pump it back up again ? Feel the steering wheel shake a bit as you drive along ? Slow puncture that is.. not your wheel bearings or some such, just needs a new tyre, or a repair if you are lucky.

Another winter country concern is filth. Generally in the country you can get muddy pretty quickly but in winter the amount of dirt is multiplied as is its sticking ability. Every car looks like a two tone pain job come there depths of January. However it is still important to clean your car of this muck as it does contain salts which are no good to the metals. Inside the car is much the same problem. Whole heartedly recommenced rubber floor mats all round as you can not seem to take one or two steps outside without smuggling some from of mud into the car. Thats why in Sir Bentley there is a strict no outdoor shoe policy.

local people

That dirt is not all bad as it does cover the third and most controversial point about driving in the country and that is the large key mark down the side of the car. There is no angrier person than a scorned local in a British village/small town. The car was parked in a spot that apparently didn’t favour every one in said local town so when we returned to the car it had a new decal. Not impressed but small minds do exist in small towns.

Whilst we long for longer days and a temperature that dries the roads we can only ensure tyres are maintained and car is cleaned once a month.

Stay warm.

Landrover dirt