Tech Vs Human: From Follower to troller. Social media influencers need content control

People used to be competitive with their neighbour. During a walk past their house you would sneak a look through the window at the size of their television and study the furniture on the driveway.  "Two cars!!", you would exclaim, "must be doing well".  This little insight into other people's financial wealth and health was enough to sustain competition and provide goals for the then society. 

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Technology has been and continues to be responsible for streamlining processes and sharing information which are two great enhancements to human life however, we, as a race were/are not ready for quite a lot of the side effects that accompany these improvements. Typical of the improvements we bring about ourselves, only a small percentage of the world are actually be ready to live with the upgrade and it then takes a generation to catch up and develop. In this note we focus on the effects of lifestyle posts on instagram and associated outlets and how they have created a new wave of trolling towards their once highly regarded posters.

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The masses are a lucrative source when influenced correctly and its the new set of young, rich or good-looking who are cashing in on the human contagion that is curiosity and narcissism. However posters be warned that the mass is fickle by nature and those same posts that were once lusted after and coveted will soon have the opposing effect when the proletariat become bored with the constant reminder that they do not share the same lifestyle as the poster and do not share the same financial wealth or shapely bottom. This will bring a portion of self-loathing which we see now being fired back at the poster in the form of trolling.

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It’s a self-perpetuating issue for as long as the demand continues the poster will continue to churn videos and posts on the latest luxury goods. These videos will achieve the hits from the viewer to make it profitable and so the poster makes more. Posters are unable to stop posting and viewers unable to either compartmentalise the vacuous content or stop viewing entirely. Now the even the trolling phase has created content for posters. This content will bring the likes views and clicks that will keep the hits high enough to monetise the feeds, all publicity is good publicity no matter how vapid, evil or good the content. 

What can be done ? Stop the carrousel.

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Viewers need to decide whether they are actually getting anything out of it as 99% of the time there is no reward to watching a factless you tube video or a picture of someone posing next to a car. All it is doing is telling the provider that you like it and that they should produce more.

Posters should take responsibility, set the example and post more meaningful content less often, this will give people time to digest the content and use its intelligent narrative to better themselves and others around them. This happens today, we are not saying all social media posts are vacuous nonsense, there are many excellent posts and videos. No doubt the posters of the more narcissistic content are intelligent, that's not to debate, they are in a very advantageous position, just some do not use it to best effect. 

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We all have to be diligent and intelligent with what we post and what we watch online, it’s our responsibility to do so. Dare you to unfollow a few people from your subscriptions/follows. See if you miss them ?  Then go for a walk and see what your neighbour is up to.

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We will look more at this phenomenon and ask what exactly are we looking at when we scroll through these apps, is it an interesting window into other peoples lives or is it just a collage of how you wish your life to be. How much time do we spend looking at other people and not focussing on our own.  Thanks for reading.