Tedious cliches are never far from the truth


How many cliches that you hear make you cringe, probably lots if you are a white collar worker, sitting in those meetings holding back the sleep, your mind wandering to domestic chores as time drains away listening to how rubber needs to hit the road & pointless figures.  Well this particular note centres on  cliche and why, despite the cringe, some are actually true.  In particular we are talking about the gruelling notion that "it (anything you want) is all about the journey and not the destination". 

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Recently we found ourselves embarking on a rush hour morning mission along the A27 from Chichester to Eastbourne at 730am.  What followed was a horror show. The journey should have been a 1.30 min drive yet it turned into a 2.15 slog and that includes some creative driving, could have been a lot worse.  Once our mission had been completed in Eastbourne it was time to head back. The thought of sitting in the swathes of dull traffic (see the Congestion article) for longer than necessary brought the feeling of abject horror. Why when we were at the helm of a W12 Bentley Continental with added spice from the wizards at DMS Automotive,  there was certainly no reason whatsoever to be averaging 10mph for the next 2 hours.  We re-routed the sat nav to avoid traffic, which didn't work so it was down to old school map reading. We decided to drive 20 miles out of our way just to avoid the soul crushing traffic, plotted the course and engaged warp engines.  


What followed had to be one of the best drives in the UK, in recent years, in a car.  Lots of caveats there but as the UK is so congested rarely do you get to fully express your hands and feet during the waking hours of the proletarian. Taking the A22 north to the A272 then west over to the A29 we enjoyed open roads, country vistas, narrow lanes, quaint villages, long curves, sharp bends. The Bentley is a massive car yet it does not mind being chucked about, we have yet to check the brake wear. After the 272, on to the dual carriageways of Horsham, the W12 really does like to sing, especially with the extra 100 ponies from DMS.  We arrived back at base in the same time it would have taken on the shorter but congested route.  Petrol consumption aside and rightly so, the enjoyment of the drive is what this is all about.  

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This is why we like cars and bikes and the enhancement of our emotions that they insight.  How many of you are beach holiday people ?  Slopping about on a beach is OK maybe for a day or two but surely you get itchy feet and hands after that.  We have to keep moving, experience emotion through our sight and feel.  Lean the bike through the curves, smell the grass (or grass).  Peripheral vision go blurry as you accelerate into a tree lined lane, eyes widen, chest bellows hands moisten.  This is the ride, this is the drive, it does not matter where we are going....its all about the journey.