Devolution Series: Dash Cams. What good can they do ?

TestaVeloce is for the enthusiast and like minded drivers and riders so it would come as no surprise to you that we are not fans of the Dash Cam, but can they do any good ?

Dash Cams appear to be another example of how there are too many bad drivers out there who have access to cars so why would you feel the need to record other traffic during your drive ? To oust the person who cuts you up? Send it to the police and let them prosecute the bad driver ? Yes for sure, lets crack down on poor standards but this lynch mob style is not the best idea,In fact, not only should the perpetrator of the offence should be prosecuted but then also should the dash cam holder themselves. Often the drivers of cam cars are driving in such a undynamic way it puts them in the target zone for these acts of apparently bad driving. Every action is a result of a sequence of moves and who is to say that the true reason for a cut up is actually the dash cam driver themselves.

These cams started out as a bad idea but they could actually be a good device on which to educate drivers one and all. First of all however, based on the decision to buy one alone, anyone who wants to buy a cam should go on a progressive driving course as should any people subsequently caught on them. A dash cam could cost up to 100 GBP, A course on safe and progressive driving could be put on for the same price and could educate drivers, cut traffic accidents and increase traffic flow. Also gives Perp and camera operator a chance to bond.

Generally if we all know how to drive properly, progressively and safely there would be fewer accidents and less traffic offences. Traffic will flow properly as there will be the correct use of the vehicle. The test needs to be stricter and the lessons need to include more detailed driving techniques. In particular how to visualise the impact that your driving has around you. Also everyone should be forced to do the motorbike test as well as the car test. As all you riders out there know, when driving a car you use techniques from a bike to raise your awareness. How many of you have been out on a spirited ride on a Sunday morning then when driving to the parents for lunch you feel like you are wired, eyes clocking everything around you watching the roads, you are in the matrix. Just at 30mph. In a 1.5 town metal box. With seat belts.

Overall dash cams used in the current format are another example of our devolution as car operators. I would encourage anyone buying a dash cam for themselves or others to rethink and look into a course instead. It is fun and you learn something and isn’t that what life is all about?

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