2016 Jaguar XF. Form and Function ?

Jag XF front q
Jag XF Interior

Jaguars appear to have several reputations depending on who or what generation you talk to. Historically Jag ownership was for the retired sector but now the F type has imposed itself on the thirty plus and the XE and XF selection has a fair representation among middle management and sales of middle Britain. Not forgetting to mention the F and E Pace for the SUV brigade.


Overall Jaguar are now fairly well represented on the UK and European roads this is a turnaround from where the company had been in the last decade. How to test this new fleet of capable cars for everyone ? We took the most standard model XF, loaded up the boot with junk and drove it to the tip.

To be precise we had our hands on a 2016 2 litre diesel XF to test. On paper there is little to write home about, quite a large price tag of 33k but what do you get for your money besides a badge. Exterior is distinctly modern Jaguar with the company front and rear lights, big grill and round jag badge. A deep piano black colour gives the Jag a leather jacket duplicitous vibe of both class and brute. Although the two litre diesel hardly punches with any weight, it does know how to hustle. We drove it through East Sussex’s finest A and B roads and the XF was more than capable with a smooth torque deployment as you press the throttle coming out of the bends. What is more is the very complimentary steering feel. Quite how Jaguar have achieved this sports car feel in a 2litre diesel exec car is slightly short of remarkable. It has a very pleasing reaction to your inputs and an amount of physicality required that feels just right. Chassis is tight for a executive car so all in all the drive of the car is very satisfying. Certainly better than what we expected.

Jaguar XF REAR

Inside the car is a mix of leather, carbon, chrome and wood as you would expect yet they are not as dull as they could be. Stylish touches inside make you feel like you are driving an interesting car. The wrap around from door to door is a cool design feature with a Jaguar emblem mounted in the centre under the windscreen. All in all this is a good feeling as we want to feel as though we are driving something special. Good tech too including gadgetry such as lane departure warning and reverse camera. Of course lets not forget to note the late boot capacity for the domestic trips to the tip and golf course via the supermarket.

The XF is a lot of money for a black car with black interior but drive the car and your soul slowly aligns with the price.

The car was a pleasant surprise and now has us thinking about this for some of our sourcing customers. A big cat in sheeps clothing.