Ferrari museo and factory tour

Name an Italian car manufacturer, beginning with F... Correct ! See what I did there ? Yes of course I am referring to the Cavellino, the F1 stalwarts and Maranello based outfit, Ferrari.

The Ferrari museum and factory tour is mainly about being in Maranello, the home of Ferrari and being surrounded by all the hullabaloo that goes with owning a red shouty loud car. The museum has great access to both the road cars and the F1 cars. The moment you go in to the museum you are looking at an original wire jig of a 60's Daytona. Not for the tourist but the purist is having a field day and this is one thing you notice straight away, despite there being lots of tourists ther is also plenty for the enthusiast. Ferrari has become a global brand, it is business after all and they are certainly pulling in the customers here as jewelry clatters against the single layer of paintwork on some several hundred thousand euros worth of car. Just as you see a family gathered round the 70th anniversary Laferrari there are the enthusiasts pouring over the pistons of the F1 engine. The tourism may blight a few pictures but it's good for the company as they seem to be knocking out a new front engined v12 with gusto in recent years with the F12, the Superfast, the GT4 Lusso and now the Portofino. Through the museum there are a few of the classics from my era on display too, an F40 and F50 a 512bb and 308. Great to be up close with these cars and as it was lunch time the museum was less busy. Ferrari are F1 so its no surprise there is a lot of racing content dotted around the museum yet the F1 room has a wealth of heritage.  All the championship winning cars, constructors trophies and a great film rolling in the background, you begin to digest the pride. You can really sense that here with all the flags and emblem that adorn the local buildings. The town and country are built on this name.

It's time for the factory tour and on paper its a bit of a farce but of course you have to do it. You are loaded onto a bus outside the museum, drive down the road, past the new F1 facility and through the infamous gates.  Once inside you are driven down the road and back again, getting out only at one end to take a picture of the wind tunnel.  All the time you are inside the barriers you cannot take pictures, of the buildings or employees that are walking about. I appreciate the no photo policy yet being on a bus just driving down the road, we are hardly going to break a story that the man who is on the roundabout outside in the cold with his Canon 80D is going to miss. I am being facetious of course as they do only charge 9 Eur for the tour which is decent value. Despite its minimal interaction it is pretty informative and yes, you are inside the gates of the Wonka factory getting an ever so minute peek into the world of the prancing horse, that should spark anyones interest. The tour guide Elana was very informative, charming and passionate about the company after working there for 8 years, 5 of which as a guide. We learned that the aluminium is founded on site and only the crank shaft comes in from outside the firm. The crank itself once made is 50% less mass from when it came out of the foundry. Other facts like all the roads are named after F1 driver champions except Schumi, (he has a piazza), 2 year waiting list for new models but if the car you order is already in production then it may take only 8 months. The traditional Ferrari factory photo is of the gates and it is here where Enzo's office was situated enabling him to pass the final quality control over every car that left the factory. Charming tale. Amazing to think that this was one mans dream and now it is a huge international name generating hundreds of millions of Euros (just guessing there).

Leaving Maranello I reflected on the tour and as lame as it was, the quality of the museum and just being here made it all worth while. I look in my mirror and see that I have an escort from a LaFerrari on its test drive, not every day you have a LaFerrari in your mirrors but it was a crazy sight to see me out of this crazy town.

  • Cost = 26 EUR for museum entry (25 EUR for F1 Sim) 9 EUR for Tour
  • Tour Duration :~45 mins.  
  • Frequency : Twice a day
  • Method: Buy online
  • Notes: 26 Euro is a joint ticket for the museum in Modena and in Maranello. 
  • Value for money: 10/10 (Tour not gift shop)
  • Exposure : 2/10 (tour) 8/10 (museum)