Bikes Bed Breakfast - 3 B's Motorcycle Wonderland

Let me take you away into a world where you live in the beautiful French countryside, you have a large barn full of all sorts of bikes and you have twenty five acres of private land sculpted specifically for off road riding.   Well let me tell you that this is the life of Arnie and Ad who run 3 B's Biking in Saint Yrieix La Perche.  Arnie and Ad came to St Yriex looking to set up the dream and I can safely say that they have achieved it and they continue to make it even better.  

The facility is made up of a barn which has been built specifically for bikers. It contains a kit room where you have dryers for wet kit, a fully functioning workshop (with fleet of AJP dirt bikes) and a bike storage room.  Upstairs is a luxury set of dorms and rooms for you to stay in each with a few clever design points.  There is even a games room just in case the weather is that bad.  There is the main house which has a communal space, kitchen and veranda that looks out over the playground. Add to this the pool and hot tub and you really cannot ask for more.

You can either come here for a specific biking holiday or just stay for a night as part of your own tour.   Arnie even has a shuttle bus so he can pick you up from the airport, there is little left for you to think about other than the fun that you will most certainly have.

Being a tarmac monkey I have little off road experience so I asked  ex motocross racer Arnie  to go easy on me. Arnie explained that he would take me out of my comfort zone otherwise I wouldn't have achieved anything, makes sense yet my inner safety monitor started to flash red as we spoke of river crossings and blood types. 3B's runs a fleet of AJP enduro bikes which take a beating but continually get up for some more which makes them the perfect steed for the job. Once familiarised with the short 1st gear and into second, roaming the 25 acres was a joy. Standing and sitting, over bumps and through ditches. the confidence started to return.  

Arnie has a great enduro track with burms and peaks that tested my balance and when coach  went off to get a few cones I was allowed to ride free so I pushed on a bit more as you do when left to your own devices.  When returned with the cones and me still being in one piece, we did a slalom and figure of eight test, standing up and not putting you feet down. Little did I know that each time I completed the test Arnie reduced the diameter of the circles and closed in the slalom however I didn't knock any cones down (possibly incorrect..) so I think I did a good job. Then it was time to move out of the comfort zone.

Over a log bridge and up a steep 20m bank, "look straight ahead and dont roll off until the top" was the advice.  It wasn't until the second time of asking I made it over the log yet I did roll off the gas too early and had to abandon bike 18m up. No shame there especially as in true bike mantra, we went round and did it again. I'm pleased to say at the third time of asking I arrived at the top wondering how I ever found it so difficult (just follow the advice next time!).  This out of comfort zone thing is a breeze. Onto the next obstacle!

After a brief stop and chat all things life and bikes, Arnie took me to a large log pile roughly a metre high.  We were to ride over it.  "take a steady speed and think to yourself its just mud" was the advice this time.  It is true that when you see the wood it adds to the fear yet it is just as easy to ride over as dirt. Digesting the advice fully this time I squared up to the logs and rode over with no issue. Easy, just dirt !  Confidence now at an all time high and as we all know, it was time to calm down and take five minutes free riding.

Arnies coaching really helped make the two hours free practice as seamless as possible and I didn't find myself stopping to worry or worrying to stop.  The pace was superb and the grounds were fantastic.  I am already planning to stop by the next time I am in the area. Thank you 3B's.

You can find 3B's on facebook and web

I thoroughly recommend you include these guys in your next adventure !