Distinguished Gentlemans Ride Florence 2017

Destiny has always seen me away for this ride but this time, I was at home, all be it not the same home as my bike. Also it was the day after moving into said new home so I had minimal to zero time to arrange a bike.  I asked a few of the local garages if they had any hacks lying about but no, no-one had anything available for me to swing a leg over.  Then the weather threw in a curve ball and for the day of the ride the forecast predicted thunderstorms.  Despite all this I had to witness this global phenomenon so I planned to go to the rides destination and catch a sight or two.

The destination was Piazzale Michaelangelo which looks over the whole city of Florence.  As predicted it was wet and windy and by the time we arrived at the Piazzale there were only three bikes.  The rain picked up and I couldn't see if the ride was still on but then the hum of a hundred triples rose from the valley and a minute later the police outrider led in the hundreds of custom bikes.

There was lots to see and snap but my working through the rows of metal I have to say that my favorites were the black and gold Yamaha and the Firenze CB500. Take a look at the gallery and see what you think.

This is a truly magnificent event, a day where everyone around the world rides in the name of raising money for charity. Great keeping up to date on social media with all the other rides taking place through out the day.  Mark Hawwa, very well done.