Project RGV

At the turn of the century it was not unfamiliar to hear the ringing and dinging of a two stroke motorcycle on a sunny weekend. On board, a young aspiring Biaggi or Doohan in their full hein gericke suit, OGK helmet and cheap but matching boots. Following the 90's shell suit and flashy graphics were hanging around in the design world and getting your biking thrills was often at the handlebar of a  RS, KR1s, TZR, RD, Mito, NSR or in my case, an RGV.  Two stroke 250 machines were and still are hilarious fun with decent power, ultra light handling and a smell as addictive as chips with vinega . Its a shame a large generation has missed out on this unique characteristic but thats the world for you.  The light two stokes offered telepathic handling and savage (for the time) power bands.  One never forgets the first entrance into the band, it shocks up your arms into your brain and opens your eye lids just a little wider as you kick about for the next gear, then another, then another.

As it happens I still own my RGV however sadly it has not seen any action for many years as it had been stored out of sight and out of mind.  This is now about to change as given the lifestyle overhaul (see "Through the Windscreen and WTF") I had to move it out of storage and call upon a legend of a club member to help me store it.  Now in situ in said club members shed it will be undergoing a full review and restoration over the next twelve or so months.  Not to concours levels, although I say that now but I want it back to a decent standard to allow me to ride it and be displayed at shows.  I am thinking of any other modifications I could do during this period as I doubt I will be selling it so I could personalise it.  There is the TYGA route and I have seen some pretty good resto mods online and in Fast Bikes so who's to say where this will take me but hopefully by the end of 2018 we will be changing gear three times whilst overtaking a truck and then leaning off the bike into the ensuing wind blast.

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Clutch in.