Club Cars: James' Audi RS4 V6 Turbo B5

Ordering a flat white, cappucino and porchetta roll you could well think we are in Italy. Ok less so with the flat white however its 8 degrees, raining and we are surrounded by hipsters, it can only be East London.  We are sat in a cafe that I have been wanting to go to all year and today was the perfect excuse for I had a meeting with James, the owner of this beautiful original Audi RS4 V6 turbo B5. 

I had been looking forward to speaking to James about his RS4 as he has owned the car for ages, takes good care of his machine and loves to drive it, exactly what TestaVeloce is all about.  When I arrived I was pleased to see that he had not cleaned the dirt off from his last trip, dirt don't slow you down, I believe the saying goes.  James apologised for the dirt but then told me how, whilst in Norfolk, he had popped out to buy milk and over an hour later, seduced by the quiet scenic roads of Norfolk he returned home.  Easily done.  

His relationship with the RS4 began whilst on holiday in Morzine some twelve years ago.  Looking for the perfect everything car with decent power James was seeded with the idea of an RS4 when one arrived in the village loaded with ski's, that was it. After relevant research and due diligence on the forums a Goodwood green model appeared in the classifieds.  The current owner also owned a race team and lived in Sandbanks so immediately James was reassured that if this guy owns one then it must be the right car.  We take time over these decisions and its nice to know you are on the right path.  The deal was sealed when during the test drive the owner demonstrated the RS4's acceleration.  James was sold. Announcing the purchase on the helpful forums he was asked for a picture of the "Turbo Hedge". This is the nickname for the oblong object of mechanical shrubbery and the name has stuck since. 

This generation of Audi is famous for the front engine mounting with the turbo charged V6 engine nestled right behind the front bumper and over the axle but the playful understeering nature doesn't bother James. Like most TestaVeloce drivers he likes the experience and has adapted his driving to maximise the fun.  The relationship is twelve years strong and 50k miles long, thanks to the purity of the relationship it is still going strong.

During this time the car has been cared for with the relevant services and updates, no real modifications other than a stereo upgrade.  Theres no need to modify the car but for maybe a remap.  The car has been treated with respect and kept in factory condition.  Spare parts can now be scarce and residual values are increasing however James has not thought too much about selling as he cannot really see what would replace it, it really is the car that continues to do everything for him.  Being a home brewer and promoter the turbo hedge can cope with all the barrels and speakers that he needs. The only concern now is the increasing care as it demands more attention. 

For over half of its existence this RS4 B5 Avant has served its owner well providing utilitarian services and smiles when pushing on. In return it has been kept in great condition  and will carry on providing satisfaction as long as it is cared for. A true TestaVeloce attitude.  

tax: 250

Insurance: Over 800 (On road Central London)



James Burbridge