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Car Sourcing

Do you know where to start when looking for a car ?

There’s a lot of choice out there so how do you find the right car for you ?

If you are looking to buy a new car and don’t have the knowledge or time, let us know as we will be happy to help with a free initial consultation. Our team of enthusiasts will happily listen to what you need a car for and then trawl through the market place and provide you with solutions. We can then highlight what exact model you need and then maybe even find it for you. We can even deliver it to your door so you don’t have to leave your seat.

Contact us on the button below to start the easiest car search ever.


Driven by Style

A collection of clothing & accessories, art & collectibles that celebrate pure driving and riding.


Autumn collection


Driven by Movement

Driving and riding offer a freedom, an escape and expression for your senses. It gives you a style and identity. A style and identity that makes us different to everyone else. It doesn’t have to be in the most lavish, expensive or fastest, just something that we love.

TestaVeloce is a movement of the enthusiast, a hub for drivers and riders to share stories, drives and rides. A shop for unique hand picked motoring related art, fashion and memorabilia. Automemorabilia that compliment the style of the enthusiast driver with heritage and tradition.

It’s time for the enthusiast to reclaim control in the motoring world. As a community we are stronger together and we can incubate the passion for driving and riding that we all share and nurture it for the future.

Join the movement to ensure we will not have car less drivers in the driver less car future.

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N. Adj.Pronunciation. Brit. /ˈtɛstə|velo|ʃeɪ / testa-veloshay

  • The Emotion of Motion

  • Principals and essence of motoring 

  • Driving and riding with style

  • Pure driving and riding

  • Exploring the emotional connection between human and machine.

  • Inspired by counter cultures

  • Machines with character.  

  • Passion for the sensation of riding and driving. 

  • Petrol in the electric generation

  • Drive together



Mind. Body. Machine.